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We define a “better” wedge this way; does it make the ball consistently finish closer to the hole than the competition? We know our wedges do.

If you’ve been playing golf for any amount of time, you already know that wedge shots hit high on the face or off the toe just don't go anywhere. Unfortunately, that huge distance loss is built into all mainstream tour design wedges.

We confirmed this with independent robot testing. We purchased 54-degree "tour design" wedges from top brands, putting them head-to-head against Edison Forged Wedges. The clubhead speed was 75 mph for an average distance of 85-90 yards. On mishits, Edison Forged Wedges finished an average of 31 feet closer to the hole.

Think about what 31 feet closer really means. That’s more than 10 yards! It’s the difference between putting from below the hole and being plugged in the bunker.


Our robotic testing of all the top wedge brands exposes the big problem with the wedges played on tour. It’s called “smash factor.”

Smash factor is the measure of the relationship of clubhead speed to ball speed. And traditional wedges are extremely finicky about where you make contact on the face. In fact, your “tour-design” wedges are less forgiving than any traditional forged blade iron – which you likely ditched years ago.

Hits low in the face (where tour players make contact) with just about any wedge on the market will exhibit a smash factor of 1.16-1.18, meaning the ball speed is 16-18% higher than the clubhead speed. But it’s not your best shots that run up your scores, is it?

Your problem is that with a tour-design wedge, even a half-inch miss toward the toe or higher in the face can reduce the smash factor by up to 20%. That's because there is so little mass behind the top 2/3 of the clubface.  And that’s why these shots just don’t get there.

Edison Forged Wedges have an ultra-high concentration of mass that puts more mass higher up to keep the smash factor as consistent as possible across the club face. This means your halfway-decent shots will fly pretty much like your good shots.

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